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Sands of Triboa Beach Resort

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Its Officially Summer! and what could attest to that is the great crowd hitting the beaches and enjoying the sands. With this intense heat, everybody could be sure that we need water cool ourselves and make the most of summer to enjoy with our family.

Located at the waters of the Subic Cove, the Sands of Triboa Beach resort is sited at a prime location having the cleanest waters and most peaceful place in subic.The area is one of the very few locations that people are able to swim. Why is that? other water areas are not feasible in swimming because of the hi concentration of E-Coli. But for some blessed reason, God made his way for that part of the water body to be a haven for people who wants to hit the water and enjoy their summer with their loved ones.

Driving from manila, it should take you 1 hour and an half if you would take the SCTEX. one way from the Nlex toll gate, SCTEX, and the Tipo Expressway would cost you 195, 150 and 20 respectively. But the goodness of it is that there is absolutely no traffic. You could take the San Fernando Exit from the NLEX and choose to drive through Pampanga and thru Dinalupinan and will lead you to Tipo Road. 

This beach resort is located at inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone which is sited near the Subic Bay International Airport (which previously operated by Fed Ex in the Philippines). It is along the San Bernardino Road. Going there is not much of a problem, Exiting through the Tipo Road, Go straight to the Argonaut Hi-way, you will have to pass the Rali's Bar and Restaurant, The United Auctioneer Inc. Area, the Flying V Gas station, and you will have to pass through the curve of the Subic Bay International Airport. The end of the street should be a stand post of the SBMA marshals. and you just have to take the right turn. Down the road on the left side will be the Beach Resort. 

Upon Entrance, you will find the very accommodating people who will entertain and explain the rates to you. You just have to settle the bill and they will attach to you this non-tearable and water proof band green band which will signify your payment of the place. 

Rates are very reasonable. Actually they are the lowest rates I have seen for an entrance to a beach resort.  I would rather think they are beyond reasonable. Who charger 150 pesos for an entrance for the whole day? it is just like having lunch for a single meal in restaurants.That is that cheap. It is perfect for family gatherings, team buildings and celebrations. Whats what is good about it, We could bring our food without a fee. They even provide an area for grilling. hows that? there are 25 brand new cottages waiting for your arrival. Cottage rates are very reasonable. They allow up to 12 people per cottage, and it is brand new. Cottages are very comfy and spacious. it comes with a table already. 

Lifeguards are always on the watch and ready for unwanted circumstances. There is always a lifeguard on deck, lifeguard roving in the waters and lifeguards in the shore making sure area is safe from swimming. 

You can enjoy the taste of your home, in the beach resort with  the company of your love ones. seeing them enjoying is the best thing there is. 

The sunset view is simply breathtaking. As one of my boss told me, and "Ang ganda, parang nakatingin ang Panginoon" And I as i see it, i could not agree more. The view of the sun kissing the mountains of Zambales capped by the clouds is just perfect. Seeing this wants me to just Thank God for this magnificent gift to us. 

And i got a hotline for the beach resort. you could contact them through 09324841391 look for Ms. Cheryl Malinao or email them at

3 insights:

  1. Anonymous said...
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  2. Anonymous said...

    just asking- do you know the contact number of this place? 150/persons? how about kids is there any payments?

  3. francesca de guzman said...

    Hi, You may contact them through me, at 09175994576 :) hope to see you this summer :)

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